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Hello beautiful people!

Today I’m sharing another little peek into our home and I’ve decided to mash these two rooms together.

The moment we saw this space, we knew it was perfect for our first home and we’re very upset about leaving, but it’s time for something bigger. We’ve outgrown the space and ready for a new fresh start!

One thing you’ll notice is that we don’t have a dining room table (which has been interesting). We’ve been using our coffee table, which has worked out great so far, but man am I ready to sit down on chairs. I have ideas on what I’m looking for in a dining room table and you can see that here.

Warning: it’s a long post.


Welcome to our home! This is the view I see when I walk in my door.


This is the other part of the living room (ps. I hate that tv).


This is the view into my kitchen from my front door. I love how bright it is!


I get a lot of questions about my couch. It’s from Ikea and it’s been the best purchase we’ve made so far. It’s comfy, has storage in that chaise part and pulls out into a bed (winning!).


There’s another view of the couch for you! It came in two other colours but they didn’t suit what we wanted. I love the neutral grey; goes with everything pretty much.


This baby was a birthday gift from my parents a couple of years ago. I love this table and it has been amazing as a dining table. It’s easy to clean and I love the stain on it. Oh, ps. this is from Teppermans.

12071437_10152968091762396_1581961176_n (1)

I wanted to do more with this wall space, but I either didn’t have the time or didn’t know what to do.


We added this self from Ikea which was a great price and added these cute little candles/pictures.

I never got around to getting frames I actually liked (these are from over the years). In the next place, I want a gallery wall!


This window was a tough one. The alley is right there, which leads into the backyard.

We didn’t like that you could see into our home through there and it was just plain ugly. We got this pull down blind from Ikea and it’s just been perfect.

That mason jar was a garage sale find.


In this little corner at the front door, we have one of my favourites vases (turned umbrella holder) from Target and this mat that is also from Target.


For the longest time we had an empty space above our tv and I knew I wanted something up there. I really wanted one of those white deer heads with gold dipped horns (it’s so cute), but they’re more expensive and I didn’t want to spend that. We found this print at Home Sense and I think it’s just perfect for this space.


These three guys were bought at Target. Once again, I knew I wanted something up on this little wall. I was originally thinking picture frames down the wall, but we found this and thought it would be perfect.


This is the view from the kitchen of this side of the desk. I’m going to be doing a separate post on the desk ps. Stay tuned for that!

Now on to the kitchen!


The kitchen is small and lacks counter space, but man oh man do I love this cute, bright room.



With our lack of counter space, I knew we needed something else for Rick’s coffee bar. I’m not a coffee drinker so it was nice to have a little spot in the kitchen just for him. This shelf is from Ikea and it’s a great price and very easy to put up!

I love any excuse to use a mason jar, so we used one to hold his coffee. I think it looks a lot better than a coffee tin anyways.

The Bodum coffee press is what he uses every day, opposed to a coffee maker. This one was gifted to him, to replace the one that broke so I’m not too sure where this one is from, but I know you can get them from Starbucks!


We tried to keep the counter space as clean and clutter free as possible because it’s so small. My next project in the next space is have cute jars from Anthro (that place is adorable).

That decanter is from Loblaws and was actually the cheapest one I’ve ever found. I like that it’s plastic and not glass (I was worried about my friends knocking it over to be honest).


I love flowers. I try to have them everywhere in my home. They brighten the mood and help me focus.

This jug is from Target from the Oh Joy collection (no longer available) and I knew the moment I saw it on her Instagram, I had to have it. I had to search the city for baby and I’m so glad I did. It’s a shame that Target is gone from Canada; it was legitimately my go to for the home.

That delicious candle is from Loblaws. I’m trying to burn them as much as possible, so I can get my hands on some fall smells.


Our cute little stove. I highly recommend that oil spray bottle in the middle up there. It was a gift, but I’m pretty sure you can get those anywhere.

12071727_10152968092527396_1806496552_n 12048612_10152968092582396_1327266498_n


I love love love this wooden tray. It was a gift for Christmas, but I know it’s from Indigo (it was on my wish list). We occasionally put it out for wine and cheese, but not enough. I want to use this more as a center piece in our new place.


I love this little cupboard and the collection we have. Those mint plates/bowls you see are from Ikea and the white ones are from Indigo, but you can get white plates anywhere.

The majority of our mugs are from Indigo because they have an amazing collection. That coffee one is from there, as well as the lips print one.

My favourite hot tumblr ever is from Starbucks and I got that last year. This is the one I want from this year’s collection!

The mule mugs are from Indigo, the champagne flutes at top are as well and so are the mason jars!

That “R” mug is from anthropologie and was part of their Christmas collection; I also have one for “M”.

Oh, and that cute little soap dispenser is also from Ikea.


One of my favourite items in our home, is this wine rack! It’s from Crate and Barrel and the moment we saw it, we had to have it.

The bottle opener on the wall was a gift, but it’s from Target.

The wine glasses are also from Crate and Barrel and were a gift as well.

Well friends, there is my home! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do!

I love styling in the home and it’s been so much fun making this our space.

If you have any questions about anything, let me know! Look for another room tour next week on the blog!

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