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Okay, I just have to gush right now on my favourite store of the moment. I’m obsessed with the store Saje.

If you haven’t been there yet, go now and fall in love.

I’ve always been interested in essential oils, but I never actually bought any or did any research on buying them … until now!

A couple of months ago, the man and I were strolling through the mall, buying gifts for some lucky individuals when we came upon this glorious store and I just knew we had to go in. I was immediately hit with the most delicious smells and let me tell you, I felt automatically relaxed. The sales associates were so welcoming and very knowledgeable; which I appreciated.

We talked to this one girl for a while, who explained the products to me and tested some on me as well. I knew right then, that we had to buy some stuff as gifts for the people on our list.

I wanted to share some of my favourite products with you, that I have fallen in love with! This is completely my opinion and not a sponsored post by the way. I just thought ya’ll would appreciate some new recommendations!


If you saw my bedroom tour on the blog last week, you would have seen this little guy. This is the nebulizer and it is amazing. It reduces dust, as well as other common allergens and acts as a humidifier. I’ve found that I’ve been sleeping better, breathing better and relaxing more in my room. I think everyone should have one. I want one in every room.


I thought it would be difficult to pick an essential oil for the neb to diffuse, but this baby was what I was smelling in the store at the time and I was hooked. The nice thing, is that you can smell all of them, so you can choose your favourite. I recommend this one obviously! It smells so fresh and I actually feel like I’m at the spa with this bottle of spa spirit.


I love taking care of my skin. You should all know this by now, as I’ve talked about it here and here. The one thing I wish we had in our place was a bath tub (there is actually more than one thing, but I can’t be picky).

That big bottle of cellucleanse is actually bath salts (hence wanting the bathtub), but the girl told me she poured some on a wet wash cloth and scrubbed her trouble areas that way. I had never thought about that before and I actually love it. It smells great, leaves my skin feeling soft and it works. Obviously if you have a bathtub then pour those salts in, but for those shower gals, here is another option!

Now that smaller bottle is its companion. Cellutone is fantastic and I use it every night before bed (well, I try). Apparently it works better when you run the bottle under warm water before putting it on your hot bod, so I do that for a few seconds then rub it on.


Oh my goodness. Let me tell you about this little gem. This right here is peppermint halo and it works wonders.

I am not one for headaches, but if I’m running low on sleep, have been staring at a screen all day and/or haven’t been keeping up on my water intake; you best believe I’m rubbing this baby on. It’s their top seller in the store and it’s actually the first product that the sales associate tested on me. She rubbed a little bit on the back of my neck and told me to wait a couple of minutes. My neck started to tingle and my head just started feeling clear. It was an incredible sensation.

Actually, a couple of my friends have used mine a few times and the response has been positive.

I love these products because they’re all natural and who doesn’t want to put something clean/safe on their skin?

If you guys have any questions about these products or are curious what else is on my wish list from Saje, ask me!

Have a wonderful start to the week friends.

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  1. I love essential oils! I’ve always wanted a nebulizer, and love the look of yours. So glad this store is at Masonville! Let’s go next week 😉